What we learned from SummerSlam 2015

 <img alt="" src="https://www.scorelive.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Screen_Shot_2015-08-24_at_12.34.07_AM.0.0.png" />      <p>A new double champion and a whole new paradigm for the Undertaker. WWE's big weekend at the Barclays Center shook everything up.</p> <p>Sunday night, a white-hot, sold-out crowd crammed into the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to watch this year's SummerSlam, with 10 matches that ballooned the event to four hours in length (give or take). Although the evening ended with a lot of confusion for the live crowd (and possibly plenty of those watching at home), the end result was an absolutely stellar event from top to bottom, with all matches either meeting or exceeding expectations.</p> <p>Combined with the events from&nbsp;<a href="http://www.sbnation.com/wrestling/2015/8/23/9193141/nxt-takeover-brooklyn-results-recap-review" target="_blank">Saturday night's NXT show</a>, the Barclays Center was the site of some of the best WWE wrestling of the year all weekend, but a lot of things have been put into motion, not least of which is some pretty serious chicanery involving SummerSlam guest host Jon Stewart.</p> <p>Let's look at everything that happened on Sunday night and where the WWE goes from here after SummerSlam.</p> <h3>Sheamus def. Randy Orton</h3> <p>This was the match that perhaps the fans were least looking forward to, as it was a rematch from last month's pay-per-view. Shockingly, it was a delightful match that got things started on the right foot. Sheamus picked up a big win after a pair of Brogue Kicks put Orton down for good.</p> <p><b>What we learned: </b>With this match going on first, the seeds of possibility were planted for Sheamus to perhaps come out later and try to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase during the world title match. However, Sheamus ended up staying in the back for the rest of the night. This was a good win for him and the first time he hasn't looked like a goober since winning Money in the Bank.</p> <p>This feud is likely over, so look for both men to find something new to do on Monday's <i>RAW</i>. It wouldn't be surprising to see Sheamus fully set his sights on the world title at this point.</p> <h3>Fatal 4-Way WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day def. Los Matadores, The Prime Time Players (c) and Lucha Dragons</h3> <p>In a completely wild match, Kofi Kingston of the New Day took advantage of the confusion to tag himself in and score a pinfall on one of Los Matadores, who had been hit with Titus O'Neil's Clash of the Titus finisher. The New Day are now two-time champs, which means they're two times as wonderful.</p> <p><b>What we learned: </b>The Prime Time Players lost their titles without being pinned or submitted, they'll be looking to take back those sweet, sweet belts. This match was incredible and showed how surprisingly deep the WWE tag team division is right now. I wouldn't be surprised to see another four-way match at Night of Champions ... perhaps elimination-style this time.</p> <h3>Dolph Ziggler NC Rusev</h3> <p>This match ended in a double count-out after Ziggler and Rusev both brawled to the outside (and their valets brawled with one another).</p> <p><b>What we learned: </b>Lana and Summer Rae really mixed it up here, becoming the story of the match at the end. This feud appears to be setting up a mixed tag team match at Night of Champions. I wholeheartedly endorse this idea.</p> <h3>Stephen Amell &amp; Neville def. Stardust &amp; King Barrett</h3> <p>The star of <i>Arrow</i> looked incredible as he bumped all over the place and hit a sweet enzuigiri and crazy drive. Neville got the win for his team by hitting King Barrett with the Red Arrow. (Pretty fitting!)</p> <p><b>What we learned: </b>Boy howdy, did Amell ever commit to this. He looked great out there (especially for a celebrity or non-wrestler) and really impressed. If this isn't the best celebrity match of all time, its only competition for that title of Floyd Mayweather vs. Big Show from WrestleMania 24.</p> <p>Expect the Cosmic King to go back to being plain old King Barrett soon. Not sure what being defeated by the object of his obsession will do to Stardust, but Amell didn't PERSONALLY get the win over Stardust, so it's possible to continuu this feud. (Although I would be surprised if it continued.)</p> <h3>WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Ryback (c) def. Big Show and The Miz</h3> <p>The second of two matches that people weren't looking forward to was also a surprising amount of fun (and was also very short). Ryback eventually pinned The Miz after the latter was hit by a KO punch from Big Show.</p> <p><b>What we learned: </b>This holdover match from last month (bumped due to Ryback's staph infection) really surprised a lot of people and the live crowd was super into everything that happened in it. Ryback should be moving on to a more traditional one-on-one feud and don't be surprised if Big Show takes some time off after this.</p> <h3>Roman Reigns &amp; Dean Ambrose def. Bray Wyatt &amp; Luke Harper</h3> <p>Those four guys beat the tar out of each other but ultimately friendship trumped creepy Bayou cultism. Reigns hit Wyatt with a spear for the win.</p> <p><b>What we learned: </b>Well, Ambrose didn't turn on Reigns, as many had feared. This was a perfectly acceptable tag team match and Reigns getting the pin on Wyatt would seem to indicate the end of the feud. But I've been wrong before.</p> <h3>Title For Title: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins def. WWE United States Champion John Cena</h3> <p>In the match of the night, Rollins and Cena pulled out all the stops before Rollins' arch-nemesis and SummerSlam host Jon Stewart ran out with a steel chair. After some soul-searching, Stewart hit Cena with the chair and left it in the ring for Rollins, who hit a Pedigree on the chair to get the pinfall victory and become a double champion, winning Cena's U.S. title.</p> <p><b>What we learned: </b>Rollins demanded that WWE build him a statue if he managed to win this match, so we have that to look forward to! <i>RAW</i> on Monday night will likely deal with the fallout from this match at length, including the fate of the U.S. title and Rollins continuing to lord his (imaginary) supremacy over everyone else.</p> <p>Stewart will also likely show up on Monday to explain his actions. Cena will almost certainly demand a rematch at Night of Champions, on account of all the shenanigans, but The Authority would be well within their rights to refuse him said rematch. Either way, seeing Rollins be smug with TWO belts on Monday night will be so much fun.</p> <h3>Team PCB (Paige, Charlotte &amp; Becky Lynch) def. Team Bella (Nikki Bella, Brie Bella &amp; Alicia Fox) and Team B.A.D. (Naomi, Sasha Banks &amp; Tamina)</h3> <p>The Divas Revolution got a nice showcase with a 15-minute elimination match. Brie got a pinfall to eliminate Team B.A.D. first, then Becky Lynch pinned Brie to give PCB bragging rights ... for now.</p> <p><b>What we learned: </b>All nine women got a chance to show what they can do and they delivered. They had a LOT to live up to, as Bayley vs. Sasha Banks from Saturday night is the new gold standard for WWE women's matches, but it's clear that the Divas Revolution is just getting started.</p> <p>Nikki is closing in on the Divas Championship longevity record, so look for the mentions of said record -- as well as challenges for the title -- to increase drastically.</p> <h3>Kevin Owens def. Cesaro</h3> <p>The two young lions who are hungry for a chance at the top went at it in a hard-hitting match that proved that do indeed deserve more time and attention. Owens eventually came out on top with a pop-up powerbomb.</p> <p><b>What we learned: </b>These two Superstars were so evenly matched that it's possible this feud could become a best-of series. It's also possible that they impressed the necessary people and one or both could be inserted into the world championship or U.S. title picture. That could be purely wishful thinking on my part, but they have definitely proved they belong in the main event.</p> <h3>The Undertaker def. Brock Lesnar</h3> <p>A solid and entertaining evening ended on a strange note, as the finish of the main event confused a lot of people (especially those in the arena). Undertaker and Lesnar brutalized one another until Brock locked on a very deep Kimura, but his shoulders landed on the mat for a second. The referee dove behind Lesnar to count a pin, but Lesnar got his should up at one. While the referee was on the other side of Lesnar, Undertaker was clearly tapping to the Kimura. The timekeeper rang the bell and Lesnar released the hold, but the referee stated that the match was not over (as he had not seen Taker tap).</p> <p>In the confusion and behind the referee's back, Undertaker hit a low blow on Lesnar and locked in the Hell's Gate submission. Lesnar refused to tap out, shooting<a href="http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2015/8/23/9195575/undertaker-vs-brock-lesnar-summerslam-laugh-death-stare-gif" target="_blank"> Undertaker a big middle finger</a> before passing out, giving Taker the win.</p> <p><b>What we learned: </b>While the finish was a bit (purposely) confusing, it makes a lot of sense, particularly if this is a heel turn for Undertaker (as it certainly appears to be). The match was great and Brock again looked like a destroyer of worlds. He visibly got Undertaker to tap out and Undertaker proved that, as Paul Heyman had said last week, Undertaker can only defeat Brock Lesnar if he resorts to low blows.</p> <p>This blood feud is getting a lot more personal and the hatred between these two men will only increase. There is fuel now for a rubber match to see a definitive winner. It's likely they will build to a no-holds-barred, winner-take-all match at WrestleMania 32 ... perhaps with Undertaker's career on the line.</p> <p>Overall, it was a solid night of wrestling all around. I enjoyed every match, top to bottom. I can't wait to see what's going to happen at <i>RAW</i>. SummerSlam planted a lot of seeds for possible directions. We're going to find out where they go in a just a few hours.</p>  

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