NFL schedule 2017: Leaks and rumors as they appear

 <img alt="" src="" />      <p>Keep up with the latest on the 2017 NFL schedule here. </p> <p id="hNVR0u">Today is the day when the schedules for the 2017 NFL season are officially released. We know that you’re as excited as we are to find out the details, so we’re keeping track of every schedule leak and rumor before the schedules are officially released tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NFL Network. </p> <p id="ERsLo0">Going into today, <a href="">there were a few things we already knew</a> about the schedules. All of the matchups for the coming season were set, and we knew the slate of international games for next year, including a Mexico City matchup between the <a href="">Raiders</a> and <a href="">Patriots</a>. The Patriots are expected to open the season at home on <a href=""><em>Thursday Night Football</em></a><em>, </em>probably against the <a href="">Chiefs</a>. </p> <p id="GbGoh9">But there’s so much we still don’t know, so we’ll piece it together the best we can as details slip out today. We will keep adding information as it leaks, so check back often for updates. </p> <h3 id="Dw9x4i">Arizona Cardinals</h3> <p id="DRuzBj">Week 16: vs. New York Giants</p> <h3 id="WWOta1">Atlanta Falcons</h3> <p id="QDaf4L">Week 1: <a href="">at Chicago Bears</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">vs. Green Bay Packers</a><br>Week 4: <a href=";utm_content=chorus&amp;utm_medium=social&amp;utm_source=twitter">vs. Buffalo Bills</a><br>Week 7: <a href=""><em>Sunday Night Football </em>at New England Patriots</a><br>Week 14: <a href=""><em>Thursday Night Football </em>vs. New Orleans Saints</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">at New Orleans Saints (Christmas Eve)</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">vs. Carolina Panthers</a></p> <h3 id="2ckJ5A">Baltimore Ravens</h3> <p id="uxjK2A">Week 6: <a href="">vs. Chicago Bears</a><br>Week 12: <a href=""><em>Monday Night Football </em>vs. Houston Texans</a></p> <h3 id="UwocAV"><a href="">Buffalo Bills</a></h3> <p id="S6AQra">Week 1: <a href="">vs. New York Jets</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">at Carolina Panthers</a><br>Week 3: <a href=";utm_content=chorus&amp;utm_medium=social&amp;utm_source=twitter">vs. Denver Broncos</a><br>Week 4: <a href=";utm_content=chorus&amp;utm_medium=social&amp;utm_source=twitter">at Atlanta Falcons</a><br>Week 7: <a href=";utm_content=chorus&amp;utm_medium=social&amp;utm_source=twitter">vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers</a><br>Week 10: <a href="">vs. New Orleans Saints</a><br>Week 13: <a href="">vs. New England Patriots</a><br>Week 15: <a href="">vs. Miami Dolphins</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">at New England Patriots</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">at Miami Dolphins</a></p> 
<h3 id="k509XA">Carolina Panthers</h3> <p id="moLgnP">Week 1: <a href="">at San Francisco 49ers</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">vs. Buffalo Bills</a><br>Week 3: <a href="">vs. New Orleans Saints</a><br>Week 4: <a href="">at New England Patriots</a><br>Week 7: <a href="">at Chicago Bears</a><br>Week 13: <a href="">at New Orleans Saints</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">at Atlanta Falcons</a></p> <h3 id="ggXLEa">Chicago Bears</h3> <p id="Kw8coK">Week 1: <a href="">vs. Atlanta Falcons</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">at Tampa Bay Buccaneers</a><br>Week 3: <a href="">vs. Pittsburgh Steelers</a><br>Week 4: <a href="">at Green Bay Packers</a><br>Week 5: <a href=""><em>Monday Night Football </em>vs. Minnesota Vikings</a><br>Week 6: <a href="">at Baltimore Ravens</a><br>Week 7: <a href="">vs. Carolina Panthers</a><br>Week 8: <a href="">at New Orleans Saints</a><br>Week 10: <a href="">vs. Green Bay Packers</a><br>Week 11: <a href="">vs. Detroit Lions</a><br>Week 12: <a href="">at Philadelphia Eagles</a><br>Week 13: <a href="">vs. San Francisco 49ers</a><br>Week 14: <a href="">at Cincinnati Bengals</a><br>Week 15: <a href="">at Detroit Lions</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">vs. Cleveland Browns</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">at Minnesota Vikings</a></p> <h3 id="bcDOaz">Cincinnati Bengals</h3> <p id="pRLqaA">Week 2: <a href=""><em>Thursday Night Football</em> vs. Houston Texans</a><br>Week 14: <a href="">vs. Chicago Bears</a></p> <h3 id="btGYOJ">Cleveland Browns</h3> <p id="Mx6aau">Week 8: <a href="">vs. Minnesota Vikings (London)</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">at Chicago Bears</a></p> <h3 id="GUY2Ys">Dallas Cowboys</h3> <p id="brNBmL">Week 1: <em>Sunday Night Football </em>vs. New York Giants<br>Week 2: <a href="">vs. Philadelphia Eagles</a><br>Week 14: at New York Giants<br>Week 15: <a href=";utm_content=chorus&amp;utm_medium=social&amp;utm_source=twitter"><em>Sunday Night Football </em>at Oakland Raiders</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">at Philadelphia Eagles</a></p> <h3 id="WSbBDh"><a href="">Denver Broncos</a></h3> <p id="jm7xgk">Week 1: <a href=""><em>Monday Night Football </em>vs. L.A. Chargers</a><br>Week 3: <a href=";utm_content=chorus&amp;utm_medium=social&amp;utm_source=twitter">at Buffalo Bills</a><br>Week 6: <a href=""><em>Sunday Night Football </em>vs. New York Giants</a><br>Week 10: <a href=""><em>Sunday Night Football vs. New England Patriots</em></a></p> <h3 id="EQQtXa">Detroit Lions</h3> <p id="WSWgpM">Week 2: <a href=""><em>Monday Night Football </em>at New York Giants</a> <br>Week 6: <a href="">at New Orleans Saints</a><br>Week 9: <a href=""><em>Monday Night Football at Green Bay Packers</em></a><br>Week 11: <a href="">at Chicago Bears</a><br>Week 12: <a href="">vs. Minnesota Vikings</a><br>Week 15: <a href="">vs. Chicago Bears</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">vs. Green Bay Packers</a></p> <h3 id="xoJav4"><a href="">Green Bay Packers</a></h3> <p id="VtrGZy">Week 1: <a href="">vs. Seattle Seahawks</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">at Atlanta Falcons</a><br>Week 4: <a href="">vs. Chicago Bears</a><br>Week 6: <a href="">at Minnesota Vikings</a><br>Week 7: <a href="">vs. New Orleans Saints</a><br>Week 10: <a href="">at Chicago Bears</a><br>Week 12: <a href=""><em>Sunday Night Football </em>at Pittsburgh Steelers</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">vs. Minnesota Vikings</a></p> <h3 id="uuajWX">Houston Texans</h3> <p id="RMZym6">Week 2: <a href=""><em>Thursday Night Football </em>at Cincinnati Bengals</a><br>Week 3: <a href="">at New England Patriots</a><br>Week 5: <a href=""><em>Sunday Night Football</em> vs. Kansas City Chiefs</a><br>Week 12: <a href=""><em>Monday Night Football </em>at Baltimore Ravens</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Christmas)</a></p> <h3 id="5sTT0K">Kansas City Chiefs</h3> <p id="LhaRlM">Week 1: <a href=""><em>Thursday Night Football </em>at New England Patriots</a><br>Week 5: <a href=""><em>Sunday Night Football</em> at Houston Texans</a><br>Week 11: at New York Giants</p> <h3 id="eMpTEQ">Los Angeles Chargers</h3> <p id="s8yTm1">Week 1: <a href=""><em>Monday Night Football </em>at Denver Broncos</a> <br>Week 5: at New York Giants<br>Week 8: <a href="">at New England Patriots</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">at New York Jets</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">vs. Oakland Raiders</a></p> <h3 id="cLanOB">Los Angeles Rams</h3> <p id="DflzTL">Week 3: <a href=""><em>Thursday Night Football</em> at San Francisco 49ers</a><br>Week 9: at New York Giants<br>Week 12: <a href="">vs. New Orleans Saints</a><br>Week 14: <a href="">vs. Philadelphia Eagles</a></p> <h3 id="djEKOm">Miami Dolphins</h3> <p id="g4Qid7">Week 1: <a href="">vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers</a><br>Week 4: <a href="">vs. New Orleans Saints in London, England</a>, 9:30 a.m ET<br>Week 12: <a href="">at New England Patriots</a><br>Week 14: <a href="">vs. New England Patriots</a><br>Week 15: <a href="">at Buffalo Bills</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">vs. Buffalo Bills</a></p> <h3 id="7zzzKj"><a href="">Minnesota Vikings</a></h3> <p id="2BVvVp">Week 1: <a href=""><em>Monday Night Football </em>vs. New Orleans Saints</a><br>Week 3: <a href="">vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers</a><br>Week 5: <a href=""><em>Monday Night Football </em>at Chicago Bears</a><br>Week 6: <a href="">vs. Green Bay Packers</a><br>Week 8: <a href="">at Cleveland Browns (London)</a><br>Week 12: <a href="">at Detroit Lions</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">at Green Bay Packers</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">vs. Chicago Bears</a></p> <h3 id="AUxXE7">New England Patriots</h3> <p id="BqLBWl">Week 1: <a href=""><em>Thursday Night Football </em>vs. Kansas City Chiefs</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">New Orleans Saints</a><br>Week 3: <a href="">vs. Houston Texans</a><br>Week 4: <a href="">vs. Carolina Panthers</a><br>Week 5: <a href="">at Tampa Bay Buccaneers</a><br>Week 6: <a href="">at New York Jets</a><br>Week 7: <a href=""><em>Sunday Night Football </em>vs. Atlanta Falcons</a><br>Week 8: <a href="">vs. Los Angeles Chargers</a><br>Week 10: <a href=""><em>Sunday Night Football at Denver Broncos</em></a><br>Week 11: <a href="">at Oakland Raiders in Mexico City</a><br>Week 12: <a href="">vs. Miami Dolphins</a><br>Week 13: <a href="">at Buffalo Bills</a><br>Week 14: <a href=""><em>Monday Night Football at Miami Dolphins</em></a><br>Week 15: <a href="">at Pittsburgh Steelers</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">vs. Buffalo Bills</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">vs. New York Jets</a></p> <h3 id="e1G839">New Orleans Saints </h3> <p id="dCcAka">Week 1: <a href=""><em>Monday Night Football </em>at Minnesota Vikings</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">New England Patriots</a><br>Week 3: <a href="">at Carolina Panthers</a><br>Week 4: <a href="">at Miami Dolphins in London, England, 9:30 a.m. ET</a><br>Week 6: <a href="">vs. Detroit Lions</a><br>Week 7: <a href="">at Green Bay Packers</a><br>Week 8: <a href="">vs. Chicago Bears</a><br>Week 9: <a href="">vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers</a><br>Week 10: <a href="">at Buffalo Bills</a><br>Week 11: <a href="">vs. Washington</a><br>Week 12: <a href="">at Los Angeles Rams</a><br>Week 13: <a href="">vs. Carolina Panthers</a><br>Week 14: <a href=""><em>Thursday Night Football </em>at Atlanta Falcons</a><br>Week 15: <a href="">vs. New York Jets</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">vs. Atlanta Falcons (Christmas Eve)</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">at Tampa Bay Buccaneers</a></p> <h3 id="31I2qz"><a href="">New York Giants</a></h3> <p id="BMte6q"><a href="">Mike Francesa of WFAN in New York reportedly leaked the entire Giants schedule</a> on the air Thursday. </p> <p id="pv1aXZ">Week 1: <em>Sunday Night Football</em> at <a href="">Dallas Cowboys</a><br>Week 2: <em>Monday Night Football</em> vs. <a href="">Detroit Lions</a><br>Week 3: at <a href="">Philadelphia Eagles</a><br>Week 4: at <a href="">Tampa Bay Buccaneers</a><br>Week 5: vs. L.A. Chargers<br>Week 6: <a href=""><em>Sunday Night Football </em>at Denver Broncos</a><br>Week 7: vs. Seattle Seahawks<br>Week 9: vs. L.A. <a href="">Rams</a><br>Week 10: at <a href="">San Francisco 49ers</a><br>Week 11: vs. Kansas City Chiefs<br>Week 12: <em>Thursday Night Football</em> at Washington<br>Week 13: at Oakland Raiders<br>Week 14: vs. Dallas Cowboys<br>Week 15: vs. Philadelphia Eagles<br>Week 16: at <a href="">Arizona Cardinals</a><br>Week 17: vs. Washington</p> <h3 id="fvuVzv">New York Jets</h3> <p id="wEy0mP">Week 1: <a href="">at Buffalo Bills</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">at Oakland Raiders</a><br>Week 6: <a href="">vs. New England Patriots</a><br>Week 15: <a href="">at New York Jets</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">vs. Los Angeles Chargers</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">at New England Patriots</a></p> <h3 id="16zDxE">Oakland Raiders</h3> <p id="PIhBnq">Week 1: <a href="">at Tennessee Titans</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">vs. New York Jets</a><br>Week 11: <a href="">vs. New England Patriots in Mexico City</a><br>Week 13: vs. New York Giants<br>Week 15: <a href=";utm_content=chorus&amp;utm_medium=social&amp;utm_source=twitter"><em>Sunday Night Football </em>vs. Dallas Cowboys</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">at Philadelphia Eagles</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">at Los Angeles Chargers</a></p> <h3 id="DkUHlP">Philadelphia Eagles</h3> <p id="7yC0tn">Week 1: <a href="">at Washington</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">at Dallas Cowboys</a><br>Week 3: vs. New York Giants<br>Week 12: <a href="">vs. Chicago Bears</a><br>Week 13: <a href="">at Seattle Seahawks</a><br>Week 14: <a href="">at Los Angeles Rams</a><br>Week 15: <a href="">at New York Giants</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">vs. Oakland Raiders</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">vs. Dallas Cowboys</a></p> <h3 id="Qw5piv">Pittsburgh Steelers</h3> <p id="zeI2mC">Week 3: <a href="">vs. Chicago Bears</a><br>Week 12: <a href=""><em>Sunday Night Football </em>vs. Green Bay Packers</a><br>Week 15: <a href="">vs. New England Patriots</a><br>Week 16: <a href="">at Houston Texans (Christmas)</a></p> <h3 id="uJSNVp">San Francisco 49ers</h3> <p id="ERpR3L">Week 1: <a href="">vs. Carolina Panthers</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">at Seattle Seahawks</a><br>Week 3: <a href=""><em>Thursday Night Football </em>vs. Los Angeles Rams</a><br>Week 6: <a href="">at Washington</a><br>Week 10: vs New York Giants<br>Week 13: <a href="">at Chicago Bears</a></p> <h3 id="6AIdcj">Seattle Seahawks</h3> <p id="RCFKoR">Week 1: <a href="">at Green Bay Packers</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">vs. San Francisco 49ers</a><br>Week 7: at New York Giants<br>Week 13: <a href="">vs. Philadelphia Eagles</a></p> <h3 id="whurWV">Tampa Bay Buccaneers</h3> <p id="0UAS8C">Week 1: <a href="">at Miami Dolphins</a><br>Week 2: <a href="">vs. Chicago Bears</a><br>Week 3: <a href="">at Minnesota Vikings</a><br>Week 5: <a href="">vs. New England Patriots</a><br>Week 4: vs. New York Giants<br>Week 7: <a href=";utm_content=chorus&amp;utm_medium=social&amp;utm_source=twitter">at Buffalo Bills</a><br>Week 9: <a href="">at New Orleans Saints</a><br>Week 17: <a href="">vs. New Orleans Saints</a></p> <h3 id="LfpdQT">Tennessee Titans</h3> <p id="bIRfVY">Week 1: <a href="">vs. Oakland Raiders</a></p> <h3 id="oEr6Wt">Washington</h3> <p id="9uhUA2">Week 1: <a href="">vs. Philadelphia Eagles</a><br>Week 6: <a href="">vs. San Francisco 49ers</a><br>Week 11: <a href="">at New Orleans Saints</a><br>Week 12: Thanksgiving Day <em>T</em><em>hursday Night Football </em>vs. New York Giants<br>Week 17: at New York Giants</p> – All Posts