NFL Draft 2017: Which player do mock drafts project each team to pick?

 <img alt="" src="" />      <p>Rounding up and compiling mock drafts to predict the 2017 NFL Draft.</p> <p id="P2hjXW">Now that the 2016 NFL season is over, all eyes turn to the 2017 offseason. The big event is the <a href="">NFL draft</a>, scheduled for April 27-29 in Philadelphia.</p> <p id="kbKUyF">The <a href="">Cleveland Browns</a> are at the top of the draft order following their 1-15 season, but they also have the No. 12 selection thanks to a trade with the <a href="">Philadelphia Eagles</a> in 2016. While there’s still plenty of time for players to climb up or slide down boards, Texas A&amp;M defensive end Myles Garrett is currently the heavy favorite to be Cleveland’s No. 1 pick.</p> <p id="jO7FG7">By surveying as many mock drafts as possible, we can get a good idea of the directions experts expect most teams to go.</p> <p id="TTSJnm"><strong>A few notes:</strong></p> <ul> <li id="eviNUA">This will be updated consistently until draft day.</li> <li id="ER0tWW">Players selected less than five percent of the time fall in the "others" category.</li> <li id="QXyIde">Mock drafts that include trades are not included.</li> <li id="0VXHqC">With a lot of similar colors, I know some of the slices can be hard to tell apart (sorry, <a href="">Raiders</a> fans). Hover over or click on the chart and it'll show the numbers and name for each individual slice. It also can be read like a clock with the names on the right representing the slices clockwise around the chart.</li> <li id="X1x2by">All the mock drafts used are listed at the bottom.</li> </ul> <p id="Q3p1XQ"><strong>No. 1 Cleveland Browns</strong></p> 
<p id="tOf5EN"><strong>No. 2 </strong><a href=""><strong>San Francisco 49ers</strong></a></p>
<p id="BbtT2l"><strong>No. 3 </strong><a href=""><strong>Chicago Bears</strong></a></p>
<p id="lYern0"><strong>No. 4 </strong><a href=""><strong>Jacksonville Jaguars</strong></a></p>
<p id="nBCQPo"><strong>No. 5 </strong><a href=""><strong>Tennessee Titans</strong></a><strong> (via </strong><a href=""><strong>Rams</strong></a><strong>)</strong></p>
<p id="3SBIAX"><strong>No. 6 </strong><a href=""><strong>New York Jets</strong></a></p>
<p id="OWVo2O"><strong>No. 7 Los Angeles </strong><a href=""><strong>Chargers</strong></a></p>
<p id="3iNB5A"><strong>No. 8 </strong><a href=""><strong>Carolina Panthers</strong></a></p>
<p id="nmxNkF"><strong>No. 9 </strong><a href=""><strong>Cincinnati Bengals</strong></a></p>
<p id="hM81a1"><strong>No. 10 </strong><a href=""><strong>Buffalo Bills</strong></a></p>
<p id="cc9iM2"><strong>No. 11 </strong><a href=""><strong>New Orleans Saints</strong></a></p>
<p id="DCn8aR"><strong>No. 12 Cleveland Browns (via Eagles)</strong></p>
<p id="S5hJiU"><strong>No. 13 </strong><a href=""><strong>Arizona Cardinals</strong></a></p>
<p id="BRMU8c"><strong>No. 14 Philadelphia Eagles (via </strong><a href=""><strong>Vikings</strong></a><strong>)</strong></p>
<p id="HcRfU9"><strong>No. 15 Indianapolis Colts</strong></p>
<p id="aA8dlx"><strong>No. 16 </strong><a href=""><strong>Baltimore Ravens</strong></a></p>
<p id="9HjlCC"><strong>No. 17 Washington</strong></p>
<p id="wMDps6"><strong>No. 18 Tennessee Titans</strong></p>
<p id="pBGSeK"><strong>No. 19 </strong><a href=""><strong>Tampa Bay Buccaneers</strong></a></p>
<p id="HmuyGx"><strong>No. 20 </strong><a href=""><strong>Denver Broncos</strong></a></p>
<p id="RFIdWf"><strong>No. 21 </strong><a href=""><strong>Detroit Lions</strong></a></p>
<p id="m3DU7x"><strong>No. 22 </strong><a href=""><strong>Miami Dolphins</strong></a></p>
<p id="Yy61xv"><strong>No. 23 </strong><a href=""><strong>New York Giants</strong></a></p>
<p id="OTgeul"><strong>No. 24 Oakland Raiders</strong></p>
<p id="ehhOSm"><strong>No. 25 </strong><a href=""><strong>Houston Texans</strong></a></p>
<p id="juRC2U"><strong>No. 26 </strong><a href=""><strong>Seattle Seahawks</strong></a></p>
<p id="A0BF4j"><strong>No. 27 </strong><a href=""><strong>Kansas City Chiefs</strong></a></p>
<p id="VOiDab"><strong>No. 28 </strong><a href=""><strong>Dallas Cowboys</strong></a></p>
<p id="IXUNMK"><strong>No. 29 </strong><a href=""><strong>Green Bay Packers</strong></a></p>
<p id="DiqOY5"><strong>No. 30 </strong><a href=""><strong>Pittsburgh Steelers</strong></a></p>
<p id="KiL4bQ"><strong>No. 31 </strong><a href=""><strong>Atlanta Falcons</strong></a></p>
<p id="PNa03b"><strong>No. 32 </strong><strong>New Orleans Saints (via Patriots) [41 mock drafts]</strong></p>
<hr class="p-entry-hr" id="pWe3Dv"> <h3 id="C5qm6S">Mock drafts (66)</h3> <ul> <li id="86IqJc"><a href="">Dan Kadar — SB Nation — March 20</a></li> <li id="20Xp3n"><a href="">D. Orlando Ledbetter — Atlanta Journal-Constitution — March 20</a></li> <li id="REXm8I"><a href="">Jared Sherman — CSN Philly — March 20</a></li> <li id="fgEvXh"><a href="">Mark Eckel — NJ Advance Media — March 20</a></li> <li id="rFh0YB"><a href="">Charlie Campbell — Walter Football — March 20</a></li> <li id="1IcezL"><a href="">Tony Grossi — ESPN Cleveland — March 19</a></li> <li id="WTOqmK"><a href="">Aaron Wilson — Houston Chronicle — March 18</a></li> <li id="UzeIC4"><a href="">John McClain — Houston Chronicle — March 18</a></li> <li id="LfwjkI"><a href="">Jonah Tuls — Draft Breakdown — March 18</a></li> <li id="O5Nesy"><a href="">Draft Tek — March 18</a></li> <li id="li5n0n"><a href="">Matt Miller — Bleacher Report — March 17</a></li> <li id="NzAnSG"><a href="">Terez Paylor — Kansas City Star — March 17</a></li> <li id="xE8SSn"><a href="">Art Stapleton — Bergen County (N.J.) Record — March 17</a></li> <li id="155rgu"><a href="">Jeff Schudel — The (Ohio) News-Herald — March 17</a></li> <li id="AAT97j"><a href="">DraftBlaster — March 17</a></li> <li id="9ObRPR"><a href="">Eric Edholm — Yahoo — March 16</a></li> <li id="DgLyUk"><a href="">Dieter Kurtenbach — Fox Sports — March 16</a></li> <li id="y1R6PS"><a href="">Luke Easterling — The Draft Wire — March 16</a></li> <li id="vvTpyh"><a href="">Jared Dubin — CBS Sports — March 16</a></li> <li id="eayPZM"><a href="">Jeff Cavanaugh — CBS Dallas/Fort Worth — March 16</a></li> <li id="gOqJbB"><a href="">Kevin Turner — CBS Dallas/Fort Worth — March 16</a></li> <li id="rCIv0p"><a href="">Dan Bilicki — Toronto Sun — March 15</a></li> <li id="EAxSLX"><a href="">Todd McShay — ESPN — March 15</a></li> <li id="81AjxP"><a href="">Chad Reuter — — March 15</a></li> <li id="xZugk1"><a href="">Chris Burke — Sports Illustrated — March 15</a></li> <li id="WQx0hb"><a href="">Mike Kaye — First Coast News — March 15</a></li> <li id="3tNmxr"><a href="">Dave Birkett — Detroit Free Press — March 14</a></li> <li id="ns6m1j"><a href="">Danny Kelly — The Ringer — March 14</a></li> <li id="0HKtAF"><a href="">Walter Cherepinksy — Walter Football — March 14</a></li> <li id="dcydkF"><a href="">Nick Klopsis — Newsday — March 14</a></li> <li id="p4vLWU"><a href="">Daniel Jeremiah — — March 13</a></li> <li id="O7iy75"><a href="">Charean Williams — Fort Worth Star-Telegram — March 13</a></li> <li id="7kMan0"><a href="">Eric Galko — Sporting News — March 13</a></li> <li id="jyCsw4"><a href="">Dane Brugler — CBS Sports — March 13</a></li> <li id="7JZkvB"><a href="">Rob Rang — CBS Sports — March 13</a></li> <li id="iaLEZZ"><a href="">Josh Norris — Rotoworld — March 13</a></li> <li id="iAec9Y"><a href="">Dan Duggan — NJ Advance Media — March 13</a></li> <li id="UuSX5W"><a href="">Adam Gorney — Rivals — March 11</a></li> <li id="SKHwSN"><a href="">Mike Farrell — Rivals — March 11</a></li> <li id="5BwaeB"><a href="">Brian Mazique — Forbes — March 11</a></li> <li id="iZUKpI"><a href="">Scott Wright — Draft Countdown — March 10</a></li> <li id="P9aXHO"><a href="">Eddie Brown — San Diego Union-Tribune — March 10</a></li> <li id="lKiYSw"><a href="">Lou Pickney — Draft King — March 9</a></li> <li id="YkEWKd"><a href="">Chris Fedor — — March 8</a></li> <li id="Mz2JIL"><a href="">Ryan Wilson — CBS Sports — March 8</a></li> <li id="5UZc4r"><a href="">Nate Davis — USA Today — March 7</a></li> <li id="2LFG0Q"><a href="">Emily Kaplan — MMQB — March 7</a></li> <li id="h44jox"><a href="">Pete Prisco — CBS Sports — March 7</a></li> <li id="oDLgAO"><a href="">Nathan Zegura — — March 7</a></li> <li id="RReWDG"><a href="">Andrew Gribble — — March 7</a></li> <li id="1qRXKz"><a href="">Patrick Maks — — March 7</a></li> <li id="pi730k"><a href="">Cole Thompson — The Draft Wire — March 7</a></li> <li id="Q5Hy0n"><a href="">Steven Ruiz — FTW (USA Today) — March 7</a></li> <li id="zO5Kvq"><a href="">Dan Wilkins — The Score — March 7</a></li> <li id="foNh9p"><a href="">Joe Buscaglia — WKBW Buffalo — March 7</a></li> <li id="T1izdS"><a href="">Vinnie Iyer — Sporting News — March 6</a></li> <li id="RxOHKr"><a href="">Matt Lombardo — NJ Advance Media — March 6</a></li> <li id="TgKGbE"><a href=";utm_medium=twitter">Andrew Mason — — March 5</a></li> <li id="U5x9f6"><a href="">Sam Farmer — Los Angeles Times — March 1</a></li> <li id="SbylCl"><a href="">Bucky Brooks — — March 1</a></li> <li id="1Jp8Dl"><a href="">Peter Schrager — Fox Sports — Feb. 27</a></li> <li id="7sq59L"><a href="">Matt Burke — — Feb. 27</a></li> <li id="r6QI1T"><a href="">Lance Zierlein — — Feb. 22</a></li> <li id="EV1siO"><a href="">Bob McManaman — Arizona Republic — Feb. 16</a></li> <li id="ZkFYxq"><a href="">John Harris — Washington Post — Feb. 15</a></li> <li id="Mae8H1"><a href="">Mel Kiper Jr. — ESPN — Feb. 15</a></li> </ul> <hr class="p-entry-hr" id="0H78Aj"> <h3 id="hd57z5">How the NFL Draft became such a big deal</h3>
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