Isaiah Thomas got his tooth knocked out, then hit back-to-back 3-pointers

 <img alt="" src="" />      <p>Thomas keeps getting tougher.</p> <p id="jVIuB6"><a href="">Isaiah Thomas</a> lost a tooth in the first quarter of Game 1 between the <a href="">Boston Celtics</a> and <a href="">Washington Wizards</a> on Sunday. He immediately ran up court and drilled back-to-back threes.</p>   <figure class="e-image">         <img alt=" " src="">   </figure> <p id="cEODcY">Thomas lost his tooth while chasing Washington’s <a href="">Otto Porter</a> on a defensive possession. The Celtics guard ran into Porter’s elbow and immediately ran over to pick his tooth up.</p>   <figure class="e-image">         <img alt=" " src="">   </figure> <p id="2qr3I6">But Thomas was 3-for-26 on threes in the playoffs before getting his tooth knocked out. He’s hit three triples in the first quarter so far. The Celtics are down 16 right now, though, so he’ll need a lot more to help shorten the gap.</p> <p id="pxv1hW">After the game Isaiah spoke about losing his tooth during the game.</p> 
<blockquote><p id="6FsKyv">"I've always had teammates that I've always clowned them about their tooth being out. Now I'm one of them"</p></blockquote> – All Posts