Chris Paul’s son is sitting on the bench because the Clippers are winning by a zillion points

 <img alt="" src="" />      <p>Family time!</p> <p id="MsLJzM">The <a href="">Clippers</a> absolutely destroyed the <a href="">Lakers </a>Tuesday night, 133-109. The game was out of hand all night and it is clear the Lakers are fully embracing the tank. </p> <p id="oQixMT">The game was so out of hand, young <a href="">Chris Paul</a> was just hanging out on the bench DURING the game.</p>   <figure class="e-image">         <img alt=" " src="">   </figure> <p id="7amIhr">He’s sitting on his dad’s lap, while an NBA game is being played. This is fine. Meanwhile, <a href="">Paul Pierce</a> is beyond miserable. Someone help him.</p>   <figure class="e-image">         <img alt=" " src="">   </figure> <p id="iZMvos">Honestly, Lil’ Chris could have probably scored on the Lakers in this game, too.</p> – All Posts